Instructions to Sunbird authors

The Sunbird

The Sunbird is published periodically by the Queensland Ornithological Society Incorporated to further the knowledge of birds in Queensland and adjacent northern regions of Australia.

Papers are invited from non-members as well as members on all aspects of ornithology, e.g. life history, taxonomy, distribution, behaviour and ecology. Papers may take the form of major articles on specific birds, birds in specific areas or habitats, short notes on birds or the literature on birds, such as reviews of books or comments on published articles.

With the proposed changes to The Sunbird, it is recommended that anyone considering writing an article for The Sunbird contact the editor to confirm suitability and also timelines for potential publication before commencing work. This will allow expectations to be managed for both the new editorial team and prospective authors of end papers and avoid any frustrations while the transition to the new format is completed.

Enquiries can be sent to:

The Editor

Indices to volumes 1 - 47 are available.

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