Instructions to Sunbird authors

The Sunbird

The Sunbird is published periodically by the Queensland Ornithological Society Incorporated to further the knowledge of birds in Queensland and adjacent northern regions of Australia.

Papers are invited from non-members as well as members on all aspects of ornithology, e.g. life history, taxonomy, distribution, behaviour and ecology. Papers may take the form of major articles on specific birds, birds in specific areas or habitats, short notes on birds or the literature on birds, such as reviews of books or comments on published articles.

Submission of a paper implies that the results reported have not been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. The editor reserves the right to submit records of rare birds to the Records Appraisal Committee of the Queensland Ornithological Society as part of the refereeing process.

Manuscripts in MSWord 97-2003 should be submitted by e-mail. Those longer than four A4 pages should have an abstract. If needed, help may be given to authors to find relevant literature. Common names, scientific names and order of names should follow Christidis, L. & Boles, W.E. 2008. Systematics and Taxonomy of Australian Birds. CSIRO Publishing. (Subsequent changes to names can be found at the Birds Australia website.) Intending authors should consult recent issues of The Sunbird to see acceptable forms of contributions. An appropriate referee will assess each submission. Recent issues of The Sunbird are available as full text in the Humanities & Social Sciences Collection of the Informit website (;res=IELHSS).

References should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of papers in the following styles:

FLEAY, D.H. 1973. Nesting habits of the brush turkey. Emu 36: 153–163.

FRITH, H.J. (Ed.) 1976. Mallee fowl. In Complete Book of Australian Birds, pp. 136–137. Reader’s Digest: Sydney.

IUCN 2006. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Accessed 14 October 2006.

SERVENTY, D., SERVENTY, V.N., & WARHAM, J. 1971. The Handbook of Australian Sea-birds. Reed: Sydney.

Tables and figures should be numbered with arabic numerals. Drawings and diagrams should be in electronic form, preferably as a .jpg file. If authors cannot arrange suitable drawings, the editor may assist in their preparation. Authors may submit photographs with their manuscripts. Orders for extra copies are to be placed at the final proof stage.

Manuscripts should be sent to:
The Editor

Indices to volumes 1 - 44 are available.

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